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Auto Detailing in Chicago, IL

Pamper your car with auto detailing packages from Top of Da Line Auto Detailing. Detailing is more than just a car wash providing high quality cleaning and presentation so your car can look its best. We'll make sure every inch of your car sparkles so you can show it off with pride. All of our detailing is done by hand to provide the best finish possible every single time. Take a look at the detailing options below:
Buffing Hood of SUV — auto detailing in Chicago, IL

Auto Detailing Packages

  • Full detail: cleaning of engine, full shampoo of interior, buffing of exterior for clean paint
  • Package starts at $125 for cars
  • Package starts at $150 for trucks/vans/large vehicles
  • Additional costs may include: smell treatments, paint restoration, lens restoration (removing fog from light casings), scratch removals and more
  • Contracts are available for fleet vehicles
  • Rain checks are available within 3 days of service