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Car Wash Services in Chicago, IL

Your car is important. It not only gets you from place to place, but is also a part of who you are and sometimes is the first impression you make. That is why it is important to keep it looking great. Getting a hand car wash from the professionals at Da Whip Wash/Top of Da Line will ensure your car looks its best.

Quality Care

All car washes at Da Whip Wash are done by hand by multiple professionals to ensure that your car wash is completed with a high attention to detail and efficiency so that your car looks great. Multiple packages are available to clean your car inside and out. See our Car Wash page for more details.


In addition to being Da Whip Wash, we are also Top of Da Line Auto Detailing. We offer full detailing services for a complete cleaning and even paint restoration of your car. View our Detailing Service page to learn more.
All of our services include a rain check policy that is valid within 3 days of service received. Call 773-306-0409 or 773-306-0614 for more details.